Living in today’s world unfortunately means we have to take extra care and special measures to protect our home and property from unwanted intruders and thief’s. Having a Burglar Alarm Installed is seen as the most effective way of achieving this. Burglar Alarms act as a warning to your neighbours by sounding a loud siren which should scare away any intruders, whether you are in your home at night or away at the time. Statistics show that properties with Alarms fitted are less likely to be targeted and if they are targeted the presence of the alarm could prevent the thief from taking all your expensive possessions.

As an Approved and certified electrician we also offer a Burglar Alarm Installation service to our customers in Essex and the surrounding areas. We can supply and install a wide range of Burglar Alarms. Combining a Burglar Alarm with a CCTV System will enhance your properties security and give you extra peace of mind.

For more information on our range of Security Services including Burglar Alarm Installation, contact Steve on 07958368378 or email us using our Website Contact Form below.



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