The modern consumer unit or fuse board as it was previously known is at the heart of every domestic and commercial electrical installation. The sole purpose of the consumer unit is to distribute electricity, via various types of fuses, to circuits around your property. Due to modern regulations, the traditional fuse boards are being phased out and being replaced with today’s equivalent.

RCD’s (Residual Current Device) is potentially a life saving device. All modern consumer units will feature one of more RCD units. These are designed to help protect you from Electric Shock if a bare wire was touched or in more common occurrences, in the garden where you might damage a cable with the lawn mower.

It is essential that any work carried out on your consumer unit is carried out by qualified electrician. You must never attempt to replace or remove your fuse board unless you are certified and qualified to Part P regulations. It is also an offence to interfere with any seals on your electric meter.

Amberjack Electrical Contractors Ltd specialise in replacing and updating consumer units for domestic and commercial clients. We serve Essex and the surrounding areas.

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