When choosing to rewire a house there are two options. The first is a Full Rewire and the second is a Partial Rewire. You would typically choose to partially rewire your property to reduce the amount of disruption and lessen the expense. A partial rewire is also chosen when you are confident that not every area of the property is in need of any electrical work.

When having your house fully rewired it is usually more convenient when the property is vacant due to the upheaval and mess that can be caused. If a partial rewire is an option, you will usually find the amount of time it takes is less and therefore the need for vacating the property is less.

Whether you choose a Full House Rewire or Partial House Rewire, all our work is carried out by approved electricians and is certified. For more information on Partial Rewires or to arrange a FREE No Obligation Estimate, give Daniel a ring on 07958368378 or use our Contact Form below and send us an email



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